Installation, MAD Brussels, summer 2018

This MARKET is composed for the exhibition ‘OCCUPATION: DESIGNER’ – at the invitation of the curators Walter Bettens, Siegrid Demytteneare and Kurt Vanbelleghem.

MARKET is an artistic and social statement about current urgencies in the design practice, where designers design contextual and relational. They are not focused on ‘the things in itself’ but on the cycles of things. With MARKET de Vet wants to show what makes a society resilient, and thus, hopes to contribute to a critical awareness of the position of the designer.

Featured designers at MARKET MARCHÉ MARKT

Amina Saâdi
Bidules (Nicolas Musty)
By Madeleine (Barbara Calonger)
Disarming Design from Palestine
Globe Aroma (Foo Fei Lin)
Horse Piste (Amandine David, Marie Douel)
Mad Insitu (Laura Goormans, Olivier Gilson)

Merlin Furnelle
OSP (Stéphanie Vilayphiou, Sarah Magnan and team)
Recréart (Aurore Brun, Oxana)
Recyclart (Charlotte Burgaud, Pierre-Emanuel Vandeputte)
Pieterjan Volckaert
Velofabrik (Jean Phillippe Gerkens)
Wear a story (Lauriane Milis)

Annelys de Vet