Subjective Activations (Urbino)

20–24 March 2018, ISIA, Urbino 

How do you learn? How can the act of designing be used to develop other dialogues and new knowledge? Can design itself activate the performance of citizenship? More and more designers are involved in processes of co-designing, participation, open-source models and giving workshops — and learning together while doing. Design is not presented as a means to produce forms and shapes, but as a way to structure a process and find meaning in the way shapes can form new relationships, or how these connections are new forms. These are also models to create alternative systems and resist ruling power systems. 

During the workshop ‘Subjective activations’ the master students of Urbino were invited to set up workshops for each other – taking place outside the academy – to feed an assertive mentality to initiate, trust and design new situations, based on shared values and talents. 

Workshop by Annelys de Vet. Acknowledgments to Matteo Guidi for the invitation and Jonathan Pierini for hosting this workshop at ISIA

Website developed by all the students

Participating Students of MA in Communication and Design for Publishing A.Y. 2017/2018 
Tommaso Anceschi 
Vito Battista 
Caterina Birolo 
Lorenzo Boero 
Chiara Coscia 
Marco Crivellaro 
Lorenzo Feliciani 
Alice Figus 

Elisa Giarolli 
David Giovanatto 
Alice Guarnieri 
Giulia Lantier 
Jennifer Lavia 
Flavia Lunardi 
Nicolò Oriani 
Deepa Mary Parapatt 
Gianluca Piovesan 
Valeria Pugliese 
Jacopo Undari 

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